[method] CPAgrip + Youtube = $$$$$$
If you need an easy way to make $$$ with CPA then here is an easy guide.
Currently doing inFAMOUS Second Son it came out today March 21st.
What do I do to get traffic? : https://www.youtube.com/
CPA Network? : cpagrip
Go to Youtube and find a video that is high quality but not a main stream video that will get flagged by copyright such as a video from Playstation.
After you find a video check out the title and tags on it.
Grab the video with - http://keepvid.com
After you download the video then you need to upload using similar title and tags but change it so the title is unique.
Some titles that making me good $$$:
Leaked inFAMOUS Second Son Gameplay
New inFAMOUS Second Son Give Away
inFAMOUS Second Son Reviews
and much more!
Then you need to put a description of the game and a link to your download or landing page.
one of my landing pages for cpagrip- http://flamefile.com/inFAMOUS
After you finish your video then you need to login to a different Youtube account and like the video and comment on it.
Say comments like:
thanks for the download
playing inFAMOUS Second Son right now!
Then you need to switch your Youtube channel and thumbs up your comment.
Remember legit content and good videos will get you more quality traffic and more leads.
Good luck and Happy earnings!

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